MCC Panels

We manufacture and supply MCC panels enclosure that is spring loaded scraping earthing provided with first make and last brake arrangement. It has large cabling space with adequate cable supports are provided in CBC. The incoming and outgoing stab in type power contacts up to multiple amps that provide very large range of feeders of different types.

Some of the salient features:
* Fully draw-out type compartmentalized, modular construction.
* Each trolley is provided with distinct service / test / isolated positions
* Flexible arrangements of modules /trolleys.
* Fully inter-changeable draw-out modules
* Fully enclosed dropper system with cutouts for plug-in contacts.
* Automatic safety shutters are provided to shroud the
incoming live contacts when trolleys are removed.
* Single-front or Double-front arrangement with independent droppers for front and rear panel
* Telescopic rails with Bobbin roller to ensure perfect alignment of plug-in contacts
* Racking Trolley in & out can be through suitably designed cranking screw arrangement.
* Male / Female type power and Sliding type silver plated copper /brass control contacts are provided
* Screw type withdrawal and plug-in arrangement
* Instrument plates in swing-out design for mounting feeder instruments, push buttons, indicating lamps, overload, reset push-buttons. Etc.
* Positive earthing through scraping arrangement on the draw out modules and separate vertical earth bus for each section