11/33 KV LBS/Isolator Panel

We manufacture quality Isolator/LBS, C/O SW HT Panel that is capable of meeting the requirement up to 33 KV. The panel is a type of indoor/outdoor Type Air/sf6 gas Based LBS/ISOLATOR up 36kv,20Ka,630amp,3ph range medium voltage products with having simple  and effortless switching with mechanical status indicator. This have three positions such as closed, open, earthed representing a natural interlocking systems that prevent incorrect operation POWER FUSES incorporate as required.

Some of the specifications include:

  • Having separate compartment for  metering,  voltage trafo,  busbar  &  cables  etc
  • Having fully compartmentalized construction with  IP4X/5X degree  of protection
  • This product using for backup protection of power transformers, generation, capacitor banks power distribution