Excitation Panels

With the assistance of our professionals we offer NGR Panels, LAVT Panels, Exciatation Panels with a capacity up to 11 KV. The panel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor construction with IP42/52 Degree of protection. The NGR is offered in punched and formed stainless that gives a better performance. The NGR is required in AC Distribution System to limit the fault current which would flow from transformer or generator neutral star point in the event of earth fault in the network it is required when the neutral of supply transformer is accessible and its own impedance is not enough to fault current. The rating of NGR should be select fault current the fault current is limited necessary to operate the protection relay. We use premium steel, ferous, cromium, alluminum, cast iron, copper nickel & nichrome in order to manufacture the panels. The NGR/LAVT/Excitation Panel are essential for co-generation, biogas plant, steel plant, power generation with a capacity up to 66KV.